Dust came from storms that were up ahead, and I can feel the pressure imprinting in to my skin.

Nothing was going to stop this. Why stars fall from the sky? And why do birds fly? Things are always thinly laced with an adamant truth that we can not reach nor understand. But, maybe one day.

After awhile, you forget what their voice sounds like, it already happened to me. It comes when you no longer force the tears to come out, and that’s when you know the storms over and it has moved passed.

Until it decides to creep back up in your mind in your life and not because you want it to.

The past few days, I’ve changed, and I can feel it, crawling up my back in the middle of the night….

In the back of my mind you are still there not as much as you used to be, and more than what I want you to be. It’s finally healing, this heart of mine.. And my mind is starting to forget. It only took seven years for the cells in my body to renew; to lose the touch of you, to be replaced with somebody else.