Message templates

Automation helps you process more candidates and focus on those that have the most potential. This is why having predefined message templates in your recruitment flow makes you more productive. Simultaneously candidate experience is much better if she/he gets personalised responses.

We would like to avoid sounding “robotic” even if it is really a robot (HRoBOT to be precise) that is assisting with the communication.

Let’s assume we have a recruitment flow configured with multiple steps. One of the step is completing Codility test and we leverage HRoBOT to streamline this process and automatically send rejection message to those candidates whose score is below some arbitrary threshold (e.g. 40%).

So here we have a candidate that unfortunately was not successful with the test, HRoBOT notifies us about that.

The rejection message is configured as a template, it uses tags to mark parts of the message that we want to be customised by human before the email is sent. So how do you fill these? When the template has to be filled, HRoBOT enters conversational mode and asks you via Slack to fill the message template.

Once the message is completed, you get one more preview of the complete text. You click “send” and the message is delivered to the candidate.

Go to to easily invite HRoBOT to your Slack channel and start streamlining your recruitment process.