A rebel comforts a wife of a killed civilian in shelling in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, Friday, Jan. 30, 2015 (AP Photo/Vadim Braydov)

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East Ukraine Sinks In Violence & Debunking Crimea Myths


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How Many Russian Soldiers Are Already Inside Ukraine?

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50,000 Russian Troops Positioned On Ukraine Borders Says Ukrainian Army Official

Ukrainian Colonel Andriy Ordynovych from Military Cooperation and Peacekeeping Operations HQ at Ukraine’s General Staff of the Armed Forces updated Hromadske International’s Sunday Show on improvements to Ukrainian military equipment, conditions for soldiers and possible scenarios going forward.
He also discussed the increase Ukraine and NATO have recorded in Russian troops fighting inside Ukraine and in Russian troops stationed on its borders with Russia, Transnistria and Russia-controlled Crimea.

A body of a civilian killed in shelling is covered by a blanket in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, Friday, Jan. 30, 2015 (AP Photo/Vadim Braydov)

East Ukraine: ‘Most People In Donetsk Caught Up In A War They Don’t Want’

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Journalist David Patrikorikas discusses how the Maidan Revolution has moved into politics and the military in a bid to defend Ukraine against the Russian aggression. Recently he returned from his East Ukraine trip. Here are some of his on-the-road tweets

David Patrikorikas also proposes that best way to defend Ukraine is to find civil society organizations. Here is a quote from his recent The New York Times op-ed:

The United States and the European Union should set aside greater aid, funding and expertise that bypasses Ukraine’s sclerotic and corrupt government and goes directly to the country’s major civil society groups. Ukraine is fighting a war in which 21st-century means have emerged that often enable networks of citizens, empowered by social media, to outperform the state. The lesson from the ground is clear: To defeat the separatists, fund Ukraine’s people, not just its government.

David Patrikorikas told Hromadske International’s Sunday Show on February 1st, 2015 that during his recent trip to Eastern Ukraine he was impressed by the amount of experienced older soldiers he saw fighting and the involvement of ordinary citizens in providing non lethal aid.

Crimea Freedoms Are Under Attack After Russian Annexation

Dmitry Markov of human rights organisation Crimean Field Mission spoke to Hromadske International’s Sunday Show on February 1st, 2015 about the current situation in Crimea. He said that while human rights violations are frequent among the Crimean tartar minority and for any pro-Ukraine activists, the situation for ordinary citizens has also become uncertain and many have experienced limitations when it comes to freedom assembly.
He also discusses the impunity with which pro-Russian self defense forces are treated, many of whom have been linked to forced disappearances and have been involved in property appropriation.

Questions from our viewers:

How Many Crimea Tatars Left After The Russian Annexation

Arsen Zhumadilov from the Crimean Institute for Strategic Studies discusses the human rights situation in Crimea and what can the Ukrainian government can do to improve the situation for those living there.

He tells Hromadske International’s Sunday Show on Feb 1, 2015 that not only has it now become impossible to be openly pro-Ukraine but being openly Muslim is now also dangerous.

He recommends that Ukraine “plot a road map” for Crimea’s reintegration which communicates that there will be no form of collective punishment for residents, only those individuals who have committed human rights violations will be punished.

Russia Spies Tried To Kill Litvinenko Twice

Guardian journalist Luke Harding talked to Hromadske International’s Sunday Show on Feb. 1, 2015 about the ongoing inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko in London. Here’s a quote from his recent piece in the Guardian:

Ben Emmerson, the lawyer acting for Litvinenko’s widow, Marina (pictured left), is a wordsmith. In his opening remarks to the public inquiry, he described Putin as a “common criminal dressed up as a head of state”. He suggested Litvinenko may have been murdered for exposing links between Putin and Russia’s biggest organised crime syndicate, which is active in Spain. Emmerson further alleged that under Putin Russia had become “a mafia state”. Back in Moscow, Lugovoi has dismissed the inquiry as a “judicial farce”.
An inquiry has heard that Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko was murdered in an “act of nuclear terrorism on the streets of a major city.”
Mr Litvinenko died in London 8 years ago after drinking tea laced with radioactive poison. Sky’s Alex Rossi has this special report.

The inquiry has done much to dispel the myths surrounding Russian secret service operatives as neither operative appears to have even known what poison they were carrying.

Harding asserts that Kremlin-UK relations are likely to worsen as a result of the inquiry being held — the first indicator of this being the unauthorized flight of two Russian bombers over the Channel.

He said that although the inquiry will not result in justice for Litvinenko, the presentation of the forensic evidence collected by the British police is essential during this heightened period of Kremlin propaganda and disinformation.

What Future Is Ahead For Ukraine

Globally renowned Ukrainian writer Andrey Kurkov spoke to Hromadske International’s Sunday Show on Feb 1, 2015 about what it means to be Ukrainian, his experiences during the Maidan Revolution and the future of Ukraine.
As an ethnic Russian who grew up in Kyiv, Kurkov said that for him loyalty to the state and paying taxes is foremost to being a citizen.
He also told the Sunday Show that with volunteers coming back psychologically damaged from the war and no real reform taking place in the center society could explode.

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