Woman votes in a polling office in the Donetsk region city of Krasnoarmeysk. May 2014. IMAGE: EVGENY FELDMAN, MASHABLE

Ukraine Votes 2014:

The Truth Behind Top-Contenders

A series of investigative reports on major political parties running for the Ukrainian parliament.

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Slidstvo.info (Investigation.info, as translated from Ukrainian) is a team of investigative reporters working under the umbrella of the Ukrainian newsroom of Hromadske TV.

This October the project released six investigative reports on the 2014 Parliamentary Elections campaign. They’ve looked into major political parties running for the Ukrainian parliament, tried to uncover their campaign finance roots and shed some light on who’s who on their parties’ lists.

The Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc

The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s political force is set to dominate the elections and next Parliament in Ukraine. But there are some shady characters on the party’s list.

The naked truth about President Poroshenko’s Bloc. Investigation by “Slidstvo.Info”.

Batkivshchyna and The People’s Front

Yulia Tymoshenko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk and their political forces at the 2014 parliamentary elections.

“Old horses”. Tymoshenko and Yatsenyuk run for the parliament. Investigation by “Slidstvo.Info”

The Opposition Bloc

Old faces of the Yanukovych era running for the seats in Ukrainian parliament.

“Opposition cake”. Yanukovych loyals want to get elected. “Slidstvo.Info”.

Radical Party

Oleh Lyashko and his Radical party — who are they and where did their money come from?

“Radical clowns”. Lyashko runs for the parliament. “Slidstvo.Info”.

Civic Position

Anatoly Hrytsenko’s party Civic Position is trying to win seats in the Ukrainian Parliament. They say the oligarchs do not fund the party. True or false?

“In search of the tycoon”. Investigation on Hrytsenko and Civic Platform. Slidstvo.Info


The Lviv mayor’s movement is aiming for the parliament too. Who are they and where do they get their money?

Who will Selfreliance rely on? Samopomich — a new player in Ukrane’s elections. “Slidstvo.Info”.

What it is Slidstvo.Info and why do we trust them?

Slidstvo.Info produces a weekly program that examines key issues of public importance, including: governance, economic development, environmental protection, and social justice in Ukraine. The program is produced by investigative journalists from Ukrainian cities of Kyiv, Rivne, Simferopol and Mykolaiv, and it is being led by the investigative unit of the Ukrainian online broadcaster Hromadske TV.

The Slidstvo.info television show was launched in May 2014.

Slidstvo.info is produced and lead by well-known Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Gnap.

Working on the project, the Slidstvo.info journalists also gained access to world-class training from leading investigative journalists, including the ones from Canada’s public broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The project is implemented by Internews, and funded by the Government of Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development.





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