“Russia, Ukraine and the central significance of civil society“ — a lecture by Timothy Snyder

Professor Timothy Snyder spoke about the situation in Russia and Ukraine in the last year and about the significance and role of civil society.

„History teaches three lessons here. One is that civil society can and does exist. The second is that civil society can be and is oppressed. The third is that the contest between those who wish to oppress civil society and those who wish to embody it was and remains a central element of history, transcending the history of nations. „ (Excerpt from Timothy Snyder’s foreword to the book “Ukrainian history, Russian politics, European future”.)

Timothy Snyder (born 1969) is an American historian, professor at the Yale University. His main focus is on the history of Central and Eastern Europe. He is the author of „Bloodlands“and „Thinking the 20th Century”.

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