Communicating with Designers

Whether is handing over the files to a design team in London, delivering work to client’s in-house designers, or even just for yourself to keep working on it for the next 6 months, working flow and process for professional use is very different from the personal work.

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To translate your design into a readable and editable file requires more time than you think. Firstly, a designer should have a good habit of cleaning up files frequently, name elements properly, and create a clear structure. Here are some tools that I find to be helpful

Nesting vs. Craft

You can create an asset library by both two of them. Just since creating symbols and nesting is native in Sketch, the experiences are better. However, when dragging art boards from different files, the system can’t merge symbols with the same name. After pasting over some art boards, you have 8 of the same, undeleteable symbols because they all used in different art boards. This is super annoying.

by: Nesting Symbols Like a Boss. Noam Elbaz

The strongest advantage for Craft is collaboration. If one designer updates her file, then everyone will get updated. It also promises a potential radical feature in the future, prototype. The downside is that the interface is not user friendly. Finding the way to delete, rename and regrouping, took me a while and also the screen is really small. These are all quite simple problems, I wonder why InVision cannot just make it better.

by InVision Craft, Sketch, and Custom Text Content, Paul Demers

User Flows in Sketch

User Flows Plugin

Usually open a new design file, it always takes a while to try to figure out the relationship between each art board. That’s why instead of explaining your work to other people, sometimes it’s even faster that you just change design by yourself.

It’s helpful for making the flow in InVision or write a UBS but it just will take too much work. So user flows are the most efficient tool I’ve used so far, which link the interactions by shortcut. The result like a mind map and also make you to export as PDF file with title and description.

It’s interesting to work on other people’s design file because you can peek their personalities too~

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