Eating out when traveling & coworking

Food is precious, probably the most precious commodity, together with water. From our very first second in life, food, makes an impact in our lives, barely comparable with anything else (except for sex, perhaps)
Food keeps us alive not only on the strict biological sense but in many different ways; from treating yourself on a buffet, to making a living as a chef, good food has saved many dating nights, turned a boring business lunch into a pleasant social one and taking people to distant places on a quest for legendary street food.

In our case, wether if we are riding the long working shifts horses or after a surf session, food is body and mind fuel and a excuse to socialize. At the Hub, we use (and we like) to have lunch together, the lunch break is a great way to get to know better one each other, to share life experiences and to make plans, projects and friendship.

Our coworking space is located very close to Corralejo downtown, a five to ten minutes walk along the coast, featuring breathtaking landscapes, street musicians, and a whole world of food. We are very happy and proud of living in one of the most diverse communities of the world; latest census showed a population composed of people from 92 different countries, that’s about 48,7% off all nations; and most of them have representation on the form of a restaurant, bar or café. Everyday you can choose between Italian, Chinese, Pakistani, French, Belgium, Moroccan, Spanish, Japanese, Swiss, Mexican food….you name it, most of them of the finest quality.

But, yes, we know that more often than not, budget decides, specially when you are not on full vacations but coworking and traveling, as is the most common among our guests.
That´s why we picked the best places to eat during your stay in Corralejo, all of those places have been intensely checked over the time, and selected based on closeness to Hub Fuerteventura, all of them within a walking distance from the coworking space, and price, all under 10€ for a full meal including drink. The list is categorized, since we hope it will grow larger as we discover new places, if you know any worthwhile to be on it, feel free to send us a mail, or make a review yourself, contributions and comments are always welcome.


Pure vegan, not even honey is used in that healthy and delicious kitchen. Eating in the Baobab is not only delightful but also funny, Mario the owner is a happy guy who’s always willing to make a joke and share with you all his knowledge about life. All organic and home made, from tofu to beer and pastries. Smoothies and juices are centrifuged. Some of the most original tastes at a moderate price.

D-Sanchez Veggie Burger

D-Sanchez Veggie burger

Very close to Baobab, on the other side of the square; D-Sanchez is the paradigm for slow food. Veggie burgers crafted with love and patience. Choose from a whole lot of burger different combinations: chick pea, spinach, beetroot, lentil, beans, broccoli on top of a bed of salad and sauces. There is also a daily soup and a variety of salads and sandwiches. Juices are awesome, my favorite: Lime + mint + ginger

To be continued……..

Originally published at on May 14, 2015.

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