By Alison Elworthy, EVP Revenue Operations at HubSpot

I care about customers. Whether they’re your customers, my customers, or my customers’ customers, I want every one of them to have a good experience every time they pick up the phone to call a business, open a marketing email, or visit a website. It’s what gets me going every morning. That’s why I was thrilled in 2019 when I had the opportunity to launch HubSpot’s first-ever ‘voice of the customer’ team.

I assembled a group of passionate people, each more dedicated than the last to improving customer experience. We met weekly…

By Brandon Greer, HubSpot Ventures

People today are much savvier about what they want when it comes to their privacy. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018 and a subsequent surge in data breaches, people and governments around the world started to seek out more control over how businesses collect and process personal information. In fact, 83 percent of consumers expect to have control over how businesses use their data. New regulations like GDPR and CCPA have had an impact on the way many companies, including HubSpot customers, do business.

More and more, our customers are proactively coming to us…

By Katie Burke, HubSpot Chief People Officer

Last year, it became clearer than ever that HubSpot has a responsibility to drive real, substantial change and equity for the Black community. We learned through many conversations and listening sessions with our Black employees, customers, and partners that while we deeply value diversity, inclusion, and belonging, we weren’t taking enough action to make a lasting impact.

Our CEO Brian Halligan published Black Lives Matter: An Open Letter to the HubSpot Community, based on his learnings from those conversations. The letter outlines how we, as an organization, would endeavor to be catalysts for…

By Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot

A recent USA Today poll suggests that 40% of Americans wish to continue working remotely after the pandemic. 84% of employers consider remote working a success this year. And yet, as the United States and other markets like Australia start to re-open office spaces, a lot of companies are starting to get cold feet. Concerned about employee retention, culture, cohesion, and engagement, employers are reacting by infusing friction into the process. …

By Brandon Greer, HubSpot Ventures

Just about every modern sales team is thinking about commissions. The U.S. alone spends $800 billion in commissions to salespeople annually and, for many teams, the process around figuring out who earned what in a given period remains highly manual and error-prone.

Historically, compensation planning has been relegated to an Excel file, particularly for businesses without the budget for prohibitively priced enterprise software.

This leaves stakeholders across operations, finance, and sales without a scalable, automated solution and causes frustration among reps when their paychecks don’t match expectations due to mismatched spreadsheets.

HubSpot’s own product team…

By Brandon Greer, HubSpot Ventures

A widening set of engagement channels are leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes to bring customers back to their products. This is particularly true for modern software companies. Their products are increasingly reliant on non-product communication channels to drive awareness, engagement and customer success.

For data-driven teams, this is particularly powerful: increases in personalization, content optimization, and customized deliveries have become a force multiplier in a company’s ability to reach and maintain a loyal audience of customers.

Some of the world’s best brands have taken notice, differentiating through an integrated messaging approach…

By Christopher ODonnell, Chief Product Officer at HubSpot

At HubSpot, customer experience comes first. Always.

Whether our marketing team is selecting a time at which to send an email or our web team team is choosing the size and location of a button on our homepage, the question we always go back to is: “Will this be a good experience for our customers?”

As HubSpot’s Chief Product Officer, this customer-first principle is my guiding light when it comes to product development. And it’s the reason why we don’t buy technology when we want to deliver a new product to our…

By Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot

When it comes to data on the future of work, you’re dealing with a real mixed bag. On one hand, 83% of employers think remote work was a success this year. And yet the very same study indicates that executives cite 3 days per week in the office as optimal for a strong culture and 87% of employees cite the office as an important place for fostering connections. So what does the future really hold for working remotely?

At HubSpot, we believe it’s the flexibility to build your work around your life…

By Brandon Greer, HubSpot Ventures

We know that growing a business can feel like a constant juggling act: from driving sales and managing a team, to prioritizing product roadmaps and keeping customers happy.

Founders are often forced to step away from building their business and consider the numbers behind their day-to-day operations in order to fundraise, which can be a serious distraction.

The good news is that the world of alternative financing is evolving by the day. Founders have a growing set of options for accessing capital, which can give them time back to focus on higher-impact work. This aligns…

By Eimear Marrinan, Director of Culture at HubSpot

As our co-founder Dharmesh Shah notes in our Culture Code we’re building two products at HubSpot — one for our customers, one for our employees. When the global pandemic first hit and we moved fully remote, we spent a lot of time thinking about the impact this transition might have on our culture, and how to translate our culture into a virtual world. We had to ensure our culture and values still held true in this new environment, and that our culture would act as an enabler for change and not a…


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