Black Lives Matter: Two-Year Retrospective on HubSpot’s Commitment to Driving Long-Term Change


In December 2020, HubSpot committed $20 Million in the Black Economic Development Fund, part of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC). We made our initial $12.5 Million investment in 2020, followed by an additional $7.5M investment in 2021 in support of Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) to help close the racial wealth, health, and opportunity gap for Black Business, Families and Communities through J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Empower share class. In addition, we continued to evolve our 5 year partnership with Howard University, which included the creation of a Center for Digital Business. We have since also sponsored HU Empower, a pitch competition to help nurture extraordinary talent, and co-created an Advanced Digital Marketing Class, with HubSpot leaders sharing expertise on social media marketing, paid advertising, CMS, and more. We continue to be inspired and honored to partner with the faculty, staff, students, and alumni at Howard through these various initiatives.


In response to the feedback we heard from BIPOC employees, we developed an in-house, mandatory Anti-racism training for both individual contributors and managers, now in its second year. The goal of the training is to ensure all HubSpotters are clear that this value is core to who we are as a company. The course continues to be delivered as part of global onboarding to HubSpot with ~91% completion as of June 2022. We are also proud to share that BLACKhub, our Black employee resource group, has almost doubled in size over the past year and has become an active and thriving community globally, supported by a program manager, leadership council and an executive sponsor. Beyond the safe space this community provides, the group has access to events, coaching and mentoring through several different programs.


Critical to our efforts, is ensuring true meaningful impact. Over the past year, a continued, sustained effort company-wide has helped us consistently increase our representation across all departments, including 34.6% BIPOC representation in NAM in 2021 as shared in our 6th Annual Diversity Report. In addition, the launch of our Black@INBOUND community and the Breaking the Blueprint content series for Black businesses externally, has helped focus our efforts on addressing and speaking directly to the unique needs and challenges of underrepresented groups in business. We’ve also continued to partner and leverage our global, external Black Advisory Board, to ensure we are being globally inclusive, gaining new perspectives from leaders we admire.

  • Investment: Over the next year, we’ll continue to partner with Howard University and LISC on investing in the next generation of Black leaders and businesses. We’ve created an externship opportunity for Howard faculty, which supports our Building Your Business as a Black Entrepreneur class in HubSpot Academy, which we’re excited to move forward.
  • Inclusion: As we sustain our inclusive hiring efforts, we’ll continue to invest energy and hold each other accountable to the inclusion & belonging of our Black community. Specifically, our focus will be on retention and career development initiatives through more intentional Manager onboarding, launching programs focused on addressing inequities experienced by BIPOC employees.
  • Impact: HubSpot’s Breaking the Blueprint program will continue to grow and add multi-channel content resources to specifically support the needs of our URM communities. Important to ensuring impact is pay transparency, and we shared with all global HubSpot employees their compensation range and held compensation education and training. We aim to share more about our compensation philosophy and commitment to pay transparency soon.



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