one great piece of content has the potential to change your life.
One Piece of Content Can Change Your Life
Gary Vaynerchuk

Certainly. But lest readers let the pressure of crafting that one brilliant piece freeze them in their creative tracks, let’s also remember this: A collection of content, consistently created, analyzed and improved upon can just as easily change your life. And do so more reliably.

We work with a lot of companies just starting to blog. One of the most common objections we hear is… “I tried blogging and nothing happened.” Now, part of that can nothingness can be attributed to the points about quality Gary Vaynerchuk mentioned. But often, the bigger answer is, you haven’t done it enough. Content is a patience game. HubSpot conducted research on the number of leads generated by our customers through blogging and found that growth was pretty incremental in the beginning, but after 51 posts, it hits a tipping point. Take a look:

Have faith, my friends. The tipping point is out there.

So create. publish. analyze. repeat. And don’t worry if you have some content duds in there. The important thing is to be consistent and observant. Learn from each post and get better. There’s no better example of this than Gary Vaynerchuk’s own writing. He has grown an extensive audience not just on the backs of one or two break-out pieces (though he’s certainly had those) but also on a strong history of publishing consistently.

(Meghan at HubSpot)

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