Deliver a better buying experience with CRM-powered payments

  • easier cross-functional collaboration (77%);
  • the ability to more easily craft a strategic roadmap around a tool with native payment functionality (73%);
  • and increased effectiveness (e.g., lead quality) of customer engagement efforts (73%).
  1. It can save you precious time and resources and set you apart from the competition. When evaluating different companies to do business with, something like a seamless checkout experience can make or break that sale for customers who are looking for ease and speed.
  2. Having payments baked right into the CRM also means that you’re able to make that critical connection between front and back office data. Having that full view of the customer journey from quote to cash makes it easier for you to adapt your marketing and service practices to deliver a better experience. In fact, 76% of companies expect a more personalized experience when working with a company that has a CRM with native payment function.*
  3. Already a HubSpot customer? Even better! For teams already using the HubSpot CRM, that also means one fewer system to have to learn, which is super important for smaller companies with limited time and resources moving away from a cobbled system. Our commitment to crafting a platform with a consistent UI across all of our tools means that adopting new features is quick and intuitive.




Learn how the leading CRM platform is helping millions of organizations around the world Grow Better.

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Learn how the leading CRM platform is helping millions of organizations around the world Grow Better.

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