Finding Easy Ways to Grow in Hard Times

Adapting to Customer Needs by Scrutinizing Your Products

We’ve talked about why you should sell online, but let’s switch gears to what you should sell online. Figuring that out starts with thinking about how your products and services impact your customers. We love a 2x2 grid at HubSpot, so we’ve put this one together to get your gears turning:

  1. Low Price, Low Change: This is likely re-ordering or purchasing additional products. Here you should consider those simple, time-consuming invoices you’re sending out to clients and turn them into a page on your website.
  2. Low Price, High Change: These are the products you have that you don’t sell enough of because the price doesn’t justify the effort. To help buyers mitigate risk, consider offering a recurring subscription to your clients with little to no commitment.
  3. High Price, Low Change: These are the products where you really need to go the extra mile to make sure your buyer has all of their questions answered. Before hopping on a Zoom, consider leaning into live chat, a knowledge base, and customer testimonials as a way to answer buyer questions in a low-touch way.
  4. High Price, High Change: Keep on keepin’ on — these are the products where you want to double down on a great human-led buying experience.

Creating Better Buying Experiences with HubSpot Payments

That’s where we come in. At HubSpot, we see a huge opportunity to bridge the gap between B2B sellers’ aspirations and their buyers’ expectations by helping our customers sell online, which is why we’re continuing to invest in HubSpot Payments, our native payment tool for B2B businesses.

  • Associate a payment with a meeting scheduling page, creating a seamless transaction whenever time is scheduled with merchants
  • Add a payments CTA to emails easily
  • Collect payment upon completion of a form
  • Store buyers’ transactional information with a payments object
  • Harness the power of automation and reporting in HubSpot on payments data



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