HubSpot Invests in Jasper to Help Millions of Organizations Accelerate Their Content Marketing

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Our Investment in Jasper

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that HubSpot Ventures is investing in Jasper, a company that uses AI to write blogs, social media posts, website copy, and more. The company’s purpose is not to eliminate writers but to turn them into editors. Jasper gives content marketers a great starting point so they can accelerate content production, building a pipeline of quality content. Matter of fact, Jasper helps content marketers write content 10x faster than starting from scratch.

A screenshot of Jasper’s Templates dashboard.

Making Content Marketing More Accessible

HubSpot Ventures invests in companies that share our mission to help organizations grow better and deliver unique value to HubSpot’s customers and the HubSpot ecosystem. Jasper will fill a gap for our customers and millions of other organizations, helping them to write quality, targeted content at scale, all while the AI in the background helps the content rank and perform better. We are excited to work with Jasper and can not wait to see organizations grow better, attracting customers with the amazing content they create with the help of Jasper.



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