HubSpot’s Global Week of Rest: 4 Ways We’re Solving for the Customer While Solving for Self-Care

Text: HubSpot Global Week of Rest

Over-Communicating to Customers and Partners

The idea of moving an entire company offline can be jarring to those who depend on your availability and service. To make the transition a bit more manageable, empathy and overcommunication are key. In other words, set expectations early and often.

Empowering Customers to Self-Service

Our Global Week of Rest applies to our people, not our product. One of the reasons why I joined HubSpot was the belief that we don’t just build software, we help build careers by connecting peers and partners in the community through the robust HubSpot Community. Filled with HubSpot enthusiasts, rich product-specific forums and groups to share and connect, there’s truly a sense of support and empowerment in the HubSpot Community.

Building a Skeleton Crew System for Urgent Requests

During our Global Week of Rest, our remarkable global support team takes a well-deserved break. But of course we wouldn’t be living up to our Customer Code if we didn’t have measures in place for answering critical and urgent queries. That’s why we have a group of HubSpotters who volunteered their time to work during the week, focused on monitoring requests and ensuring urgent issues are addressed. These folks don’t miss out on the Global Week of Rest, but rather choose a different week during the month of July or August to rest and recharge.

Implementing Strong Cross-Team Collaboration

As you can imagine, as a global company, taking a week off requires every department and team to be on the same page. That’s why planning for our Global Week of Rest starts 5–6 months prior to the break. From operations to services to product, the entire company comes together to ensure our employees are truly able to unplug and our customers are able to grow better the same as any other week.



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