Inbound Advertising — HubSpot Invests in AdStage

By Bradford Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot

Today, we’re excited to share we’re investing in AdStage, a reporting and automation platform for paid marketers. HubSpot is participating in the company’s $3m Strategic round led by Forte Ventures.

We’re excited about this investment because we share a similar vision around how humans will consume content in the future. When HubSpot started 10 years ago, our founding thesis was all about text-based content getting found in Google. The webpage was king, and written text on those pages (typically viewed on a desktop computer) was the most effective way to attract strangers and convert more leads.

While producing content is still the most effective market technique for companies — where prospects consume content, and what content they’re consuming, has obviously changed.

Today’s consumers are engaging most with visual content, with videos and images, and more than ever discovering that content within social networks and on their mobile devices. The great challenge with these channels and search on the small screen is that it’s increasingly hard to get found organically. Businesses need to start with remarkable content, but pair it with a complementary paid strategy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. In the last few years we’ve seen digital and social ads (when used correctly) become an important part of the inbound marketing playbook.

As I’ve gotten to know Sahil Jain over the years, I’ve been impressed with his vision for how marketers can leverage paid spend with their inbound marketing techniques.

Businesses need a platform to trigger messages on a given ad network based on the behavior of leads in their funnel and performance of that spend. AdStage is taking the first steps in that direction with their ad spend automation and closed-loop reporting products.

The AdStage team does some awesome inbound marketing, too. The AdStage newsletter is one of the best sources on the planet for content about paid media and is read by almost 50,000 marketers. (Keep crushing it JD Prater).

Congrats to Sahil and the team on the new round of funding 🎉

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