Making Privacy Easier for HubSpot Customers, One Step at a Time, with DataGrail

By Brandon Greer, HubSpot Ventures

People today are much savvier about what they want when it comes to their privacy. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018 and a subsequent surge in data breaches, people and governments around the world started to seek out more control over how businesses collect and process personal information. In fact, 83 percent of consumers expect to have control over how businesses use their data. New regulations like GDPR and CCPA have had an impact on the way many companies, including HubSpot customers, do business.

More and more, our customers are proactively coming to us and asking for ways to ensure they’re following robust, strong privacy practices.

Our Investment in DataGrail

That’s why we’ve invested in DataGrail, a leading data privacy platform that makes it easier for our customers to build robust privacy programs — all with the end goal of boosting transparency and building trust for our customers’ customers. Together, HubSpot and DataGrail can help marketers figure out the best way to do that without tying up internal resources.

The DataGrail integration for HubSpot allows customers to automate critical components of a privacy program, including the processing of data subject requests (DSRs and DSARs), identifying sources of personal data, and managing end-user preferences. Effortless privacy means that brands can build trust with their customers while still complying with regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Winning with Privacy

It would be easy for companies to approach this privacy-focused era with concerns about how it will impact profit margins, but we are seeing that brands that lean into privacy win — including companies like Plume who are happily using HubSpot and DataGrail together.

According to a study from Cisco, “Most organizations are seeing very positive returns on their privacy investments, and more than 40 percent are seeing benefits at least twice that of their privacy spend.”

On average, businesses are seeing a return of $2.70 on every dollar they spend on data privacy.

Learn more about the DataGrail integration for HubSpot here.

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