On the Road to INBOUND 2022

Build Ways to Connect In-Person and Virtually

Historically, the biggest sticking point of virtual events was the inability to mimic that sense of community one feels when you’re attending an event in person. When producing hybrid events, the goal is to replicate what makes successful communities work by providing frictionless ways for all members to participate, whether they are in person or online. Thanks to technology, it’s possible. Now event attendees can choose what type of community they want to build or be a part of.

Technology Opens Events Up to a New Audience

During the pandemic lockdown, a silver lining was just how quickly we advanced technology, especially when it came to live events, broadcasts, and streaming. In 2020, ComplexCon took their iconic multi-day conference and pivoted it online with support from Jam3, creating ComplexLand. What they created was more successful than ever. They seamlessly were able to pivot a 60K+ in-person event to a virtual experience that over 700K+ attendees got to experience over a week. The 2.0 version released in 2021 with several enhancements including access to more exclusive products, new drops, avatar and social networking upgrades, ways to gamify the experience, and enhanced visuals. Without missing a beat, they took what makes ComplexCon so great and achieve that same functionality in their customer environment while expanding their global footprint.

Flexibility Means Attending When and Where You Can

Pre-pandemic, you only had one choice for events — show up or miss the session. In order to show up, you had to clear your schedule, find childcare, pay for travel, and get coverage at work. Today, the attendee has the power of flexibility. They are able to watch a session live, in person or virtually, or watch the recording afterward. They are able to multitask if they need to, and they are able to not miss a moment of their home life if they don’t want to. At hybrid events, the attendees are not the only ones who have the flexibility to watch in person or at home. It extends to speakers, giving event planners a whole lot more flexibility to source fantastic speakers from different backgrounds and locations, making it more global and diverse in nature. By offering both virtual and in-person options to our event, you can choose what fits best for your life and also have the option to choose more sustainable ways to attend with less travel and a smaller carbon footprint.



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