9 Useful Apps for Product Managers
Product Hunt

One thing I always find intriguing about product hunt lists is how much they reveal about the problems each list’s intended audience is facing. If you look at this list very quickly, you’ll see a collection of popular and useful apps. Stare a little longer, however, and you’ll start to see the common points of friction every PM faces.

The time expense in iterative feedback: Feedback is essential, but it takes an non-trivial amount of time to gather, review and act-upon it. Pinpoint, TestFlight, and Typeform all address this pain. Speed up the feedback loop, and you’ll speed up the product growth

Struggles in conveying vision and timeline: One of the downsides of endless iterations is an inevitable clouding of the original vision and timeline. Today’s product vision needs to be ever-evolving and reflective of customer usage and feedback. Too often that results in a fight-club approach to a product vision (First rule about product roadmaps is we don’t talk about product roadmaps). The roadmap apps above highlight that tension and solve for it by being as malleable and agile as the product itself needs to be.

Curious to hear from PMs, what major product development pain-points aren’t reflected in the above list? Are there products that address them yet?

(Meghan from HubSpot )

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