Why HubSpot Acquired PieSync

By Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO of HubSpot

To grow today, customers need to be at the center of your entire operation. That’s hard to do consistently when your operation is spread across countless pieces of technology. Even with integrated software, data across these tools gets out of sync and outdated fast. Workflows can be error-prone and hard to map.

Today, I am proud to announce an acquisition that we believe will help our customers take a massive step forward when it comes to reflecting and adapting to the complex and ever-evolving customer experience.

HubSpot has acquired PieSync, a much-loved and highly reviewed iPaaS solution that constantly syncs customer data across your software.

As the number of apps that businesses use grows, customer data can become out-of-date and inconsistent across those tools, leading to complexity and friction for your teams and customers alike. The HubSpot ecosystem is becoming expansive, so we went out seeking a better way to keep customer data whole across that growing ecosystem.

Whereas other solutions rely on trigger-based pushes to sync data, PieSync automatically and constantly syncs customer data across tools, processing new and historical data in real-time. It operates in the background and is always running, so users have access to the most up-to-date customer information, no matter where they are or who entered the data. “[It] works so well, I forget it’s there,” one PieSync user said in a five-star review.

An acquisition is a big decision, so in considering bringing PieSync into the HubSpot fold, we placed a lot of importance on what their customers said about them. Turns out, PieSync has the highest customer reviews of any iPaaS solution out there. Customers don’t just love them, they’re all consistent in why they love them. “It just works!” is a common refrain, along with praise for how easy the software is and how supportive the team are. We love a company that is loved by its customers. PieSync unquestionably is.

We were also incredibly impressed by the entire PieSync team — led by founders Ewout Meyns (CEO) and Mattias Putman (CTO). Together the PieSync team has built an incredible product and a loyal customer base. The full team will be joining HubSpot as part of the acquisition.

Technology should serve customer relationships, not obfuscate them.

Everyone is using more apps today to grow their business. With continuous bi-directional data syncing through PieSync, HubSpot customers are in the best position possible to truly achieve a single view of the customer and make all of their customer touch points work better together. We’re hopeful that with this announcement some of the biggest obstacles between companies and their customers will begin to come down.

The acquisition is final today. PieSync will continue to be sold as a separate HubSpot product and brand. Interested customers can learn more and buy touchlessly right now at PieSync.com. Welcome Ewout, Mattias, and the entire PieSync team.

Learn more about how HubSpot and PieSync work together here.

Learn how the leading CRM platform is helping millions of organizations around the world Grow Better.

Learn how the leading CRM platform is helping millions of organizations around the world Grow Better.