A Practical Approach to Emerging Tech for SMBs: AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, IoT, and AR/VR

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Mar 13, 2018 · 21 min read

Emerging Technologies — The HubSpot Guide

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence

Why Artificial Intelligence Matters

AI Technology and How it Makes Our Lives More Convenient

How SMBs Should Use AI

The Do’s and Don’ts of Implementing AI

The Biggest AI Opportunity for SMBs: Chatbots


What is Blockchain

Why Blockchain Matters


What is Cryptocurrency

Why Cryptocurrency Matters

How SMBs Should Use Cryptocurrencies

Internet of Things (IOT)

What is IOT

Why IoT Matters

How SMBs Should Use IoT

Take note: Security is the biggest flaw the IoT ecosystem

Virtual and Augmented Reality

What is Virtual and Augmented Reality

Why VR and AR Matters

How SMBs Should Prioritize VR and AR

Source: Gartner

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