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Sep 2, 2016 · 1 min read

Touting the efficacy of pop ups always drives me crazy. CTR rate is the marketer’s preferred metric for success because it’s easy to track and calculate. We’ve all gotten lazy. I’d much rather see the direct revenue created as a result of a pop up ad or the ROI of the ad. Then we can truly decide if pop ups are effective.

CTR as a metric for pop ups bugs me because most people can think to their own experience and recall clicking a mobile ad on accident at least once. In fact, we surveyed of over 1000 people on ad blocking and found 44% said they clicked on a mobile ad by accident. If someone clicks the ad and then immediately backs out of it because it was an accident, is it still effective? No.

Kudos to Google for forcing everyone’s hand. I don’t usually love top down mandates, but I support this one.

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