Now with HubTran, Revenova delivers instant back-office automation to 3PLs

Nov 30, 2018 · 2 min read

Chicago — (November 30, 2018) Revenova TMS has announced its partnership with HubTran, the leading back-office automation platform for transportation companies.

Revenova CMO Mike Horvath explains the partnership benefits for Revenova brokers. “Our integration with HubTran provides customers with a seamless solution to quickly process carrier documents and settle loads efficiently. Combined with our integrated accounting automation, customers can significantly reduce time and cost associated with back-office processing while accelerating revenue generation.”

HubTran prides itself on extraordinary customer service and “pain free” implementation. Revenova 3PLS can “literally train in the morning and process payables in the afternoon.”

Matt Bernstein, HubTran CEO, highlights HubTran’s affordability and efficiency for all. “Back-office automation used to be a cost-saving option available to only the largest transportation companies. Automation has now become a critical requirement for any 3PL that wants to compete and grow. This integration gives Revenova customers turnkey access to world-class automation designed specifically for 3PLs.” Bernstein adds, “After using HubTran for only a few days, 3PLs work 4x faster, more accurately, and reduce back-office costs by 60%.”

When asked why Revenova chose HubTran, Horvath explained, “Looking across the market for partners in the area of document processing, HubTran’s offering was quite impressive and we’re excited about where the company is heading with future capabilities.”

Horvath added, “The interface will be included in the December release of Revenova TMS at no additional charge.”

“We’re excited to partner with Revenova,” said Bernstein, “because we both share a commitment to simple, powerful solutions, purpose-built for freight companies.”

About HubTran

HubTran has sparked a back-office revolution by replacing old-school systems with automation to efficiently process invoices, bill customers, and manage documents. The company does it with enterprise-grade software using optical character recognition and artificial intelligence that’s smart, easy and affordable. HubTran 3PLs and factors work 4X faster with better cash flow and incredible accuracy.

The tech behind HubTran has earned the team numerous awards including the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition, Chicago Innovation Award, and Executives’ Club of Chicago Innovator of the Year. The most important reviews come from HubTran customers who can’t say enough about product performance, zero-start up time, and excellent customer service. For more information, visit

About Revenova, LLC

Revenova is the leading provider of CRM-powered, multi-modal transportation management solutions (TMS) deployed on the Salesforce cloud platform. Revenova TMS combines customer relationship management, carrier relationship management and transportation management into a unified collaboration platform for customers, carriers and co-workers engaged in the quote-to-cash process. Deploy real-time freight quoting, booking, tracking and settlement to improve business processes and lower costs. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois customers include transportation brokers, 3PLs, freight forwarders and in-house logistics. For more information, visit

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