Thank you for this thoughtful and informative response.
Richard Spicer

Yeah, I’m with Michael. The reason to be skeptical is the same reason to buy into it. As a recovering content producer, I am intrigued by automatically being able to earn on my original material. It would be cool to be able to see the benefits of “slow and steady wins the race” for most one-(wo)man operations.

Then add-on the idea that there’s an opportunity for users to earn coins that they can then use to support their favorite publishers is pretty interesting too. I certainly don’t mind advertising for my favorite shows. HBO elegantly drops their native ads before every show. FX applies ads to their on-demand material. I get it. This is the way they can afford to support good art. Therein, we, as the audience, need to get more comfortable with the way the art is supported. Or we have to come up with a better model.

This “ads are gross” mentality has long been warranted, but it’s time to throw our weight behind a more sensible model. We become ever more closed-off from the world while being equally exposed to it at the same time. This won’t be sustainable if we don’t believe in reinvesting.

I enjoyed your thoughts, Richard. Thanks for sharing.