Four Steps to Entrepreneurial Resilience

by Adi Hillel

More than 90% of tech startups fail. You were fully aware of this before you founded your startup, but it didn’t stop you from doing it. You believed you could do it, you knew you could; after all, someone has to be in the 10%, and that someone can (and will) be you.

Well, I totally agree with you. One must stand tall in face of these statistics, fight against all odds, and stock up on cognitive bias to survive the dazzling uncertainty of this risky, if not crazy, choice. There’s no other way — you need…

And prepare to be surprised

by Adi Hillel

My team and I, we love to brainstorm. We usually know where to start (in Ella’s living room), but have no idea where we’ll end up. It’s our time to let go; fool around; shout our stupid ideas out loud; play some games; laugh. In some cases, we wake up the next morning and ask ourselves:
OK what was that all about? But in most cases, we reach new insights, ones we can then translate into actionable items, and act upon.

But this time, we decided to leave our comfort zone.

Product Reincarnation Via Papers Prototypes

by Adi Hillel

Like any other startup with an uncompromising mission to gain product/market fit, Hubitus was — and still is — subjected to endless changes and transformations. We always knew what we wanted to do — help people (and ourselves) to be more productive and creative, but how to do it, that’s a totally different question.

Much to our surprise, it was our non-techie artistic background that helped us visualize our ideas with minimum resources. We started seeing design not only as an aesthetic actualization of a future product or a tangible user interface on which we can run…

Pitching in front of an Audience

Part II

By Adi Hillel

OK, you’re an entrepreneur and you have a pitch coming up. Way to go! We both know it’s not an easy job, but you’re going to do it anyway; it’s an inevitable part of every entrepreneur's life, and you have a startup growing inside you, eager to come out.

In our last blog post — Take the Stage, Part I — I introduced some of my tips & tricks for pitching in front of an audience. If you haven’t read it, start from there and come back here later.

In this post — Take the Stage, Part…

Pitching in front of an Audience

Part I

By Adi Hillel

Getting up on stage is never easy. Getting up on stage to pitch your early-stage startup is even worse. You chose to be an entrepreneur, not a performer, yet you’re here, dazzled and shaky, and all you can hear is your palpitating heartbeat and imagined murmurs from the audience. You know, stuff like: “This is the most absurd venture I’ve ever heard of and what the hell is she wearing??”

Well, tough luck, pitching is an inseparable part of entrepreneurship.
At some point or another you’ll find yourself with a microphone shoved into your face, and clusters of…

How I Stopped Procrastinating

by Adi Hillel

When I was a child, my mother and I shared a habit; we used to nap in her queen-size bed, lying back to back, each one of us captured in her own world while feeling the presence of the other — the gentle movements, the light breathing, the soundless pounds of our heartbeats. We called it, in our own private language, GAV LE GAV, back-to-back in Hebrew, or in short, GAV LE.

Twenty years later, I still use this made-up term on a regular basis. All of my friends started using it too. You can hear us…

(Bugs anyone?)

by Adi Hillel

I woke up on the morning of May 6th, and my coffee tasted like hope. Everything seemed possible. It was a big day for us; the day our venture was to be born and take its first hesitant steps in the real world. Like any protective parent, I was nervous about its first encounter with the world — what if nobody likes it? What if it doesn't like anybody? Funny, how we project our biggest fears on the objects that surround us; or on web-based products, in my case. At that very moment of inner terror I…

(and why we didn't do it a year ago)

by Adi Hillel

Here’s the thing. I’m a CEO, and I am afraid of launching. When I say I’m afraid I mean I’m totally freaking out! Every instinct in my body is telling me: “PAUSE GIRL! Don’t be impatient and screw it all up. Don’t settle for less than the very best; the world will wait, as it always has, until everything is in THE RIGHT PLACE”.

But this time, my instincts got it all wrong.


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