A Look Back

I wrote this about a year ago and just discovered it today. I’ve since left the job for one with slightly higher pay and windows. But I’m still struggling to figure out how to create my desired culture.

I have an MBA and a steady job. I sit behind a desk with no view of the outside world and I pull data and put it into a PowerPoint presentation. It’s a lot of work, but it’s pretty easy. It makes me depressed. I get a headache every day from something in the air conditioning system. I come home and don’t have the energy to cook. I just lay down on the couch until the headache goes away or I fall asleep.

I’m technically a Millennial so this shouldn’t be a surprise. The biggest issue is what should I do about it? There are countless articles out there about how Millennials are ‘demanding’ a better work environment. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I were to do that — well, I can. I’d be out of a job.

The truth is that we don’t have the power, yet. We are at the mercy of the older generations who are still squeezing us for everything we have. Right now I have student loans. It will take me four years, putting all of my income towards them, to pay them off. I’ll be 31 and won’t have any savings. It feels like a form of indentured servitude. Maybe I’ll work hard enough and my children might have a good life.

I’ve always been taught that we create culture. We each have the ability to change the world, but change is slow. We have to say ‘no.’ We must find alternatives to sitting in a cave all day doing the job of two people for less pay than ever. Our advantage in the fight for a good life is an understanding of how the world is different now than it was ten years ago.

I will leave my job within a year. I will wake up every day and happily go to work. Business models need to change. Technology needs to change. Let’s start anywhere

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