It’s All Just a Game ….

Pac Man. That’s the clearest way I know to describe it. I’m taking a combination of daily oral chemotherapy and monthly chemo injections. It took me a while to even grasp that concept. I thought that since I wasn’t going to the clinic every three weeks and sitting in the chair with poison running into my veins, that I was not doing chemo. Apparently I am. And the way I visualize it in my mind is like Pac Man ~ these meds are the magic pellets that he eats before running around chasing those mystical ghosts. It makes sense. My white blood cells (WBCs) are the little white dots that Pac Man haphazardly gobbles up while chasing down the real goal. Those four ghosts are the cancer. Ever elusive, clever and quick. But occasionally vulnerable, able to be destroyed as Pac Man comes barreling down the path. Sometimes I have to take a break. Chemotherapy doesn’t play favorites. All your cells are targeted. The Ibrance wreaks havoc on my immune system, zapping my WBCs as rapidly as it neutralizes the cancerous cells. When that happens, we call a time out to regroup. Sometimes Pac Man needs to rest in the little square box before getting rejuvenated with a new round. It’s all just a game.

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