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You need to protect yourself from all of the threats that exist in today’s world — from hackers to scammers and malicious actors to ransomware and other malware. It’s hard to know what to do and where to start.

The following list focuses on the most powerful security YOU can implement today to protect your data, privacy and online security:

1. Share with care

Share with care and be mindful about what you share on social media. Social medial is the launchpad of all successful Social Engineering attacks and hacks. Protect your personal and private information and share information only with those you trust. …

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Steven Morgan tells it like it is in his recent article on CSO Online: “5 worst cybersecurity habits with catastrophic consequences.” I agree with Steve and appreciate his concise and to-the-point recommendations.

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Long before the Equifax breach, I went to work for the Federal Government.

As with all federal employees, I went through a rash of background checks. FBI agents showed up at my house, contacted my friends, and compiled a wealth of knowledge about me.

This was back in 2006–long before it occurred to me that this data could be “unsafe”. We still kept most documents in a file drawer. The “cloud” wasn’t even a consideration.

It certainly never occurred to me that my personal information could be worth something to a hacker.

Fast forward a decade and I receive a letter from the Office of Personnel Management with the Federal Government. …


Hueya, Inc.

The New Dimension of Cybersecurity: Securing the Human

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