I really like this story.

I’m not super-concerned about hairy women date short men, though I’m 5'9" and have dated a fairly hairy girl or two in my time. I actually like it (kinda love it even) if they are very blonde.

Now not spending 70% of household income, THAT would be nice.

But mostly I would just like to have feminists acknowledge that men are ENTIRELY DISPOSABLE for their convenience and society’s convenience (though actually it’s more for the convenience of women who are sexy, and 3rd wave feminists, not so much with the sexy. For the most part.)

Men work the shittest jobs way more than a lot. Men die a lot at those jobs. For women’s convenience (i.e. so they don’t have to.)

Men work far longer hours and see so much less of the great moments in their kids lives. For women’s convenience (i.e. so they don’t have to.)

Men fight all the wars. Men almost entirely die in said wars. For women’s convenience (i.e. so they don’t have to.)

Men are SAVAGED in family court. For women’s convenience (i.e. so they don’t have *be* married, they just have to GET married.)

See any men on that lifeboat? No? Shocker! 7 billion over holding capacity in the world. We don’t need spare wombs any more.

and here’s a big one:

Please acknowledge that we invent pretty much everything.

Most everything useful is a man’s creation.

You live in a magical world largely of our invention. Because we love you. And even though you’re getting mad right now and thinking of some BS false equivalence, you KNOW IT.

Thought experiment:

From now on, everyone gets to use things that are already created. NEW things, you only get your sex’s inventions. Women invent for women, men invent for men.

Oh yeah, and you only get to use the old stuff *your sex* maintains.

You’d go for that, right feminist ladies?

Well of course you wouldn’t. Because you’d be an IDIOT to, and you aren’t an idiot. You’re just a member of a special interest group clawing for whatever advantage you can get.

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