The Politics of Not Shaving in This Patriarchal Dystopia
Sarah Kasbeer

Women complaining about what men are attracted to is like architects complaining about buildings.

You *made* us, ladies. You slept with the dudes who liked feminine women and made more dudes who like feminine women.

And good for you. ’Cause that’s who you wanted to bone, not MaleFeminista1981. Nobody wants to bone that guy. Gay dudes don’t wanna bone that guy. He wants to rearrange the dominance hierarchy ’cause he’s at the bottom of it. It sure as hell isn’t some false solidarity.

Trust the asshole, cause the asshole speaks truth: we’re YOUR creation. You almost entirely choose whom to breed with, so we’re YOUR creation. Biology is destiny.

And you like us...or you sure as hell should. We LITERALLY die for you every single day. We work all the crap jobs, die in lots of them, bring you home the money, which you spend 70%+ of, fight all the wars, die in all of them, then kill ourselves when the family court steals our children and our money.*

Also we invent EVERYTHING. You live in a magical world of ambitious men’s creation. And less ambitious, less inventive but very hard-working men’s maintenance.

Name a female Elon Musk. You have 72 hours. Good luck. You can name a strong lady who can *run his company for him*, sure, but you can’t name a female Elon Musk. No. Such. Thing.

Not really. And you know it.

3rd Wave feminism is a fraud. It’s a special interest group where the writers like this one need to pick nits to justify their lives. And also to leech even more money from men.

2nd Wave feminism? Those ladies might have had and still have the courage to fight for feminism in the countries where clitori are hacked off and “I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee” (and take all thy money and stone thy ‘slut’ daughter) is a thing

This author? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit.

How about you?

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