I don’t even know where to start.

You are speaking anecdotally (Anecdóticamente)… about Argentina. You are indeed “speaking for yourself.” Sobre *su* vida. Y *su* pan. Su verdad es *your* truth. It’s not the universal truth, la verdad matematica.

Never been to Argentina, but I suspect 2nd wave (equality) feminism is still relevant there. I also suspect the family courts are much kinder to men. Perhaps the patriarchy lingers.

Having said that, the patriarchy is not ALL bad, no?

Google the statistics about who dies at work in Argentina. Go do it. Seriamente. 95% men? 90%? (Es 93% en el EU.) Ahora hablamos con matematicas. Statistically.

How many women have died in on the front lines of Argentina’s wars? Como soldados? Zero? A few dozen? Y policias? Similar, no?

Qué porcentaje de los ingresos (income) Argeninianos es gastado por las mujeres (spent by women)? I had to use Google for that, my Spanish is pretty bad. [Es 70+% in Los Estados Unidos… We are VERY VERY bad at patriarchy here in Los Estados. We have a saying in English: “follow the money.”]

Abre sus ojos. Open them. Las Mujeres tienen privleges *Y* problemas. No es SENCILLO. Nothing is ever simple. Pretty sure, estoy seguro que tienen mas problemas que Las Mujeres Americanas. 2nd wave vs. 3rd wave feminism. One is valid in many places around the world, el otro es una *problema* por Europa y America.

[Mas para seguir at a later date.]