On being a better baker

When traveling, we take new perspectives on life & ourselves. We have a lot of questions. We seek a lot of answers.

But coming back from a travel is a disturbing experience. We don’t want to readjust to a faster pace of life and find our regular deeds meaningless. We start envisioning a life with more purpose, doing notably different things. We seek a new what, thinking that by changing what we do, we’ll find purpose.

But what doesn’t matter all that much.

If you’re a baker, you can easily think that freedom lies into traveling around the world randomly settling into new places & playing guitar. But chances are you’re fairly good at what you do —being a baker— and not so much at being a guitarist. Don’t get me wrong, trying out new things and exploring is entirely part of the way. It just shouldn’t be mistaken with the destination.

Purpose lies in how you do things, wherever you are, whatever you do. Instead of trying to become a guitarist, try being a better baker.
Instead of looking for light, try shining!

Because being the best baker in hell has a lot more purpose than being the worst guitarist in paradise.