Introducing Willo. First At-Home Dental Care Company.

First steps of a truthful, dedicated brand.

Hi Everyone, I’m Willo.

That’s our first encounter, but I know a few things about you already.

I’m not like any other person you know. I’m young and wise but I could be wiser, which is one of my never-ending struggle.

I’m balanced and spiritual. I’m an Atheist, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim and I keep opening my mind a bit more every day.

Travelling is part of my DNA. I’m American, Chinese, Egyptian, French, Israeli, Vietnamese and soon a lot more.

I’m guided by beautiful, transcendent truths and by the respect and love I have for people surrounding me.

I’m powerfully driven by a simple belief: We, people from Earth, are not done yet building the most enjoyable, beautiful, peaceful place ever.

Earth seen from space — NASA

I’ve always been excited to make it happen. That’s how I became an entrepreneur. This is my sole purpose: having a powerful, positive, durable impact.

While I’m captivated by any work of positive impact, Health is my number one thrill. More exactly, Dental Health, a window to the rest of our body that remains an important source of trouble.

My interest for that field is only natural. I was born in a dental office and became a dentist. It quickly got clear what my life-mission would be:

“Ensure perfect dental health for everyone.”

I started focusing on ways to keep people out of dental trouble, and slowly developed expertise in key scientific and technical fields. I came up with unprecedented solutions.

I became a technician, an engineer, a doctor, a designer. My friends started calling me “Willo” as a symbol of my dedication. A reference to the tree, which twigs were one of the first tooth cleaning tools in history.

The willow tree — tooth cleaner and pain reliever

I tested my work again and again, relentlessly. I swore to myself that I would never do any claims that are not evidence-based. That I will never put at risk my people’s health. That I will always care.

Voilà, you know me better now. You know what my intentions are and where my devotion is. I can’t wait to talk more, but I need to go.

Next time you hear about “Willo”, think of an entrepreneur, a dentist, an engineer, a designer, but above all, think of someone truthful, dedicated to making a certain vision of the world real.

I’m Willo, we’re the Willo Team.