Announcing CerealKit: Stories as a service ain’t a joke anymore. Or is it? No, it’s not.

Part 1:

psst: I actually never tried Lucky charms!

Go to and start creating your own cereals right away! No account needed! Or watch this (almost complete) overview:

  • A customer testimonial that links to a discount coupon
  • A micro, personal website linked from your Insta/Twitter description
  • A detailed onboarding story, with videos, GIFs and images
  • Your own Product Hunt Sip newsletter app (more on that later)
  • A tutorial on how to use a new feature

Part 2: Embedding

Where src is your own cereals URL 👌
Where each card opens a modal, and the modal loads your cereals

Part 3: Intercom messenger

That’s right. Soon, you’ll be able to embed your cereals, right in Intercom. Where your users already are.
Some guys at Intercom have been among the first to try CerealKit, but not the Intercom integration yet :/

Part 4: The tagging system

This is a view from Webflow Academy. But it’s the kind of stuff you will be able to create!

Part 5: much wow, an API

Part 6: Pricing

Part 7: Product Hunt

Yay, that’s me!




Happy Cofounder and maker.

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Hugo Villain

Hugo Villain

Happy Cofounder and maker.

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