The extent a wide-array of news organizations have been willing to go to turn a minor story about a non-serious illness into a breaking political story is the best evidence yet that Clinton and Trump are playing on a non-equal playing field.
The media is biased against Hillary Clinton. There is no longer any argument.
Jess Coleman

What bothered me was Hillary catching heat for her “basket of deplorables” comment — which in a sense, was a truth. But screw her for telling the truth, right? Trump can cuddle with Putin and hide his tax returns and call Mexicans rapists and build a wall and call for a ban on Muslims entering the country and call for no moderators at the presidential debates and pay off Florida’s attorney general and can get away with saying he wouldn’t lose any votes for shooting someone in the middle of fifth avenue. That’s not even half of it. But OHHHH MY GOD, Hillary has pneumonia. She’s therefore unfit to be president…This is why an unconscious Clinton polls better than a conscious Trump. For the future of our nation, we cannot vote (even consider to vote) for a man who’s temperament is akin to the movements of the inflatable crazy arms things you see at car dealerships. He’s an egotistical maniac who’s policy positions hold water no better than my pasta strainer.