Why Donald Trump Inspires Me

Whoa now.

I’ll stand by that. The 2016 race for the White House has been, well, different. At times, it’s been dirty, hilarious and captivating. I think you’d truly have to be living under a rock if you haven’t seen the name “Trump” on a national headline. The dude is everywhere.

On the left, you’ve got an independent senator from Vermont and a former Secretary of State duking it out the old fashioned way. On the right, you’ve got the circus. I’m not kidding (no disrespect to my conservative friends at all)! Even with five candidates left, you’ve got a little taste of everything — AND a show!

Ted Cruz, a fearless and unapologetic right wing bigot who is from Canada and somehow a senator for Texas. That alone sounds like a horse radish dipped cherry that is wrapped in bacon, sprinkled with feta and served on polished silver platter.

Dr. Ben Carson, an African American male who is a medical genius.

John Kasich, the standard conservative white man who believes that his female supporters, and I quote, “come out of the kitchen” to support him. Yikes.

Marco Rubio, a senator from Florida who is banking on the fact that he is truly the face of the modern day GOP. Pass that man a Poland Spring, by the way. Kid’s always sweating. I digress.

And finally, and certainly not least (in fact, he’s first!), Donald J. Trump. This man is rewriting the American political rulebook. Books will be written on the renegade. His bid will be studied years from now in political classes nationwide, whether he wins the race (again, yikes) or not. He is a real estate mogul from New York who has previously flirted with the idea of running for president. Why not? Spare the four cases of bankruptcy (eek), he’s been an outstandingly successful businessman. I mean, wouldn’t you want to run for president if a tower was named after you in Manhattan?

When Trump announced his bid back in the summer, we watched in amusement. That amusement turned into contempt after he slammed Mexican Americans on ridiculously erroneous claims. The attention he’s gotten thereafter, at any event or rally, has been — wait for it — YUGE.

After continuous unrelenting attacks, on often defenseless groups and individuals, we thought for sure the days of Trump would fade away like a freshly blown out candle. He’d go back to rethink his run in one of his (many, many) hotels and get back to business. However, the exact opposite has occurred. The Don has raked in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. He’s leading all polls on the Republican side. Donald Trump has struck the right cords to (as scary as it may be) millions of people. There is clearly a market for Trump.

When most politicians say something completely false, they will get ridiculed for doing so. When Trump says that Megyn Kelly is “bleeding from…wherever” and also says that “the border is a disaster,” the response — the music to his ears — is a rousing applause. Democracy at work. This applause often rings louder than the boos and bitterness coming from the blue electorate.

It’s horrifying to think that he is the likely nominee that the Republican National Convention will offer. He will have a chance. Think about that. However, I have faith in the American people. The next president of the United States will be a Democrat. Trump is staining the Republican Party with a repulsive substance that will take years to wash out. And for that (as someone who usually leans left, as if you couldn’t tell already!), I am grateful.

Back to the title of this whole thing. I have to thank Donald Trump for being inspirational. If someone that shamelessly racist, vitriolic, deceiving, manipulating, stubborn, and powerful has a chance at being the leader of the free world, who’s to say that I can’t be the first man to the Andromeda Galaxy? Who’s to say that you can’t be the next big movie star? Who’s to say that you can’t land your dream job?

Just a thought, among many.

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