By: Hugoranking

Here’s another approach at helping you see more of how great Terablock project impacts the NFTs marketplace and cryptosphere as a whole. Lets take Barry as a case example.

He’s been hearing of NFTs since the turn of the year and has been thinking about how to get into them and maximize his chances of tapping into the cryptoverse through an alternative route (NFTs), he is afteralll good with digital art creation.

So he goes to his desktop gets a great idea and creates some “banana gangster” themed NFTs.

With the Terablock platform, he gets to sign up mint these arts as NFTs super easily. All the while being super reassured about the safety of his intellectual property, he is also able to parse a couple of them into a collection and sells them as a bundle to the highest bidder through the Terablock network auction letting platform.

But having made unbelievable profits on his digital arts he also wants to own some as the true art fanatic that he is. Thankfully, with the multichain functionality he’s able to access the Terablock network with his other money stored in form of tokens built on the ethereum main net and just like that, buys a cheaper collection about Victorian themed vases from a creator on the Terablock platform. All the while, the $TBC token is being expended as gas fees further reinforcing its usability case.

Now having Terablock's great tokenomics he decided to buy and hold more. Well part of the great token allocation structure ensures that he qualifies for airdrops as a holder but it also allows him to participate in platform governance. He also gets discounts on what he may purchase on the platform as a $TBC holder.

Well, after seeing all these great features and seeing articles about how greatly planned the roadmap amongst other features is he decides to share it with even more of his crypto enthusiasts art creator friends. And since he gets to switch mainnets he doesn’t suffer the same fate of high gas fees as with his previous mainnets.

That’s how great the Terablock platform can be, do join us using the links below.

Website: https://Terablock.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/TeraBlock


Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyTeraBlock

Medium: https://medium.com/@myTeraBlock/



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