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If you want to become good at early-stage investing, you need to learn how to size up the fundamental elements of an opportunity. Many investors use checklists or think of evaluation as a process of judging an entrepreneur, or an idea, or a particular set of facts. Based on my experience, I believe that an investment opportunity has key essential elements (of which analysis play an important role), that, when brought together in the right form, represent a high-potential opportunity to make money. As such, any action contrary to this, outrightly makes failure predictable.

Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from making bad judgments. So is with evaluating early-stage deals. If you made a single investment in one of the big Internet wins of the late 1990s, you may not know a thing about early-stage investing. By the same token, if you had 10 failures in multiple industries, you might not know anything either. But you will if you keep paying attention. Reading business plans, studying in business school at angel seminars, learning an industry by working in it; these are all ways to develop expertise that will promote your success in investing. But in both entrepreneurship and angel investing, there is nothing like doing it. Nothing.

The evaluation stage is the great time killer of all the stages and you will do well to manage your time carefully. Some angels think that evaluation starts with the first meeting and continues right up to the moment of writing the check. In order to structure this piece effectively, we address evaluation as a single isolated entity, but bow to the correct idea that evaluation occurs throughout sourcing, valuing, structuring and negotiating. Given the potential time drain, the best angel investors are careful and strategic in their approach to evaluation.

Angels take a variety of approaches to this stage, with some doing substantial due diligence before a meeting (reading the plan, talking to people they know ) and others granting a meeting without looking at the plan at all. Some angels rely on their intuition while others crunch a lot of numbers. Almost all angels source carefully, make good use of co-investors, and focus on the entrepreneur and the team. Evaluation success will come in doing deals, emulating winners, and not making the same mistakes more than two, three, or four times.

Challenges with the business opportunity, or the time frame, can sometimes be addressed by finding a key member of management or an active angel who can help the company to move much faster through active use of their network.

Between people, opportunity, deal and context, there are a variety of multirelational issues and opportunities. Invest in companies that have outstanding elements or at least good combinations and you will hit some winners.

This is where Plutos network comes Into play (a multichain synthetic issuance and derivative utilities network). Not only has it demonstrated excellence bringing to the mainstream innovative ideas and solutions, mitigating the inefficiencies the DeFi industry have incurred overtime (which had created significant overlap as far as DeFi needs is concerned, in sizing up the needs of the teeming crypto populace), it has also become a rally point for investors who seize it as a winning ferry to financial greatness from several reward systems and campaigns. Most recently, an LP program on PancakeSwap.

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On this, Plutos network is setting aside $90,000 in it’s utility token ($PLUT) for participants who provide liquidity on the token pair $PLUT/BNB for a minimum period of 30days. This will span a period 3months (which started 28th September 2pm UTC, to end 28th December 2pm UTC).

How it works? Simple! $30,000 reward pool is shared amongst participants (proportionate to liquidity provided) who provide liquidity on $PLUT/BNB pool on PancakeSwap in the period corresponding to the devoted period, and at end of each month, $30,000 worth of $PLUT token is shared among participants haven fulfilled the highlighted criteria above.

Most fascinating is that, this is open to everyone, entry and qualification is simple. Simply provide liquidity on $PLUT/BNB pool on PancakeSwap, and then whitelist your address, by filling the form below subject to a review:

Whitelisted participants are eligible to partake in the $30,000 prize pool.

As an angel (myself), this is what I call "angel investing" and "a must grab", head to now to seize this lifetime investing opportunity. To learn more, avail yourself with any of the following:

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