2017: A Review

It's the first day of the new year (2018), I'm pretty excited that I made it.

2017 was one hell of year. Besides the fact that it was super fast and it ended earlier than expected ( please don't ask me to explain), it had ups and downs.

I'll start the good ones;

a. Most importantly, my dad and Grandpa, both survived death (or near death experiences) late last year. With this alone I'm grateful to the most high God because I'm not what I would have done. Both healthy and strong and have made into the new year. That's awesome, really awesome! 😭

b. Got a new gig. Left one of the best places (had its bad sides) I've worked in with the best people. I got a job with a competitor ( traitor, I know). I can't wait to get started and scared at the same time but I guess it will fade away after a few days on the job.

c. A couple of firsts; I got a chance to play pool (most will know it a snooker). It was pretty exciting, won a few rounds and lost a couple. I rode in the back of truck, it was exhilarating, one dude wanted to sell me a house in Ajah, it was bumpy(apparently, there are no seatbelts back there) but it was fun, I’m willing to give it another try. I had my first video shoot at the Zikoko studio (although it never got aired) and had the chance to meet the amazing Justin (thevunderkind ).

d. I attended a couple meet-ups/conferences. Product tank Meetup was the first outside of work and it was worth it. I got to meet Khadijah (the organizer) and Ope Adeoye, I'm a huge fan of both. I also the Interswitch Connect, that was pretty awesome as well.

e. I had the opportunity of being project and product manager for a new product my previous employers recently launched. I'm pretty proud of this one because I have never had done something like this and it was really tasking. There were times when I felt like throwing in the towel but had my team and my boss (Mrs. Wunmi Ogunbiyi) supporting and encouraging all the way. I learnt a lot while doing this and happy I didn't give up.

Now the troughs; I didn't get to start my masters degree as expected despite several offers, missed opportunities because of fear and unpreparedness and a couple others. They are learning points, so I'm not depressed.

So, cheers to you, 2017. Were you awesome? To be honest, you weren't but you weren't bad either.

To 2018, I look forward to more firsts, better opportunities (that I'm prepared for), reading more, better social and spiritual life (really sucked at both last year), independence and more.


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