Hult and Technology-The changing Modern B School

A blog on how technology is impacting and penetrating into learning methods. How Modern B Schools are making the full use of technology to gear up their students for life after graduation

Hult and Technology-The changing Modern B School

Way back to 1960–70, students used to calculate by hands, only source of additional information was library, education was confined within the national boundary and it was almost impossible to get the knowledge about what is happening in the outside world except newspapers and educational journals published monthly or yearly by the research institutions. The unprecedented development of information technology has changed this scenario completely. Today, it is the e-library the students go for the information by clicking their mouse, the calculations are being done by the hi-tech calculators and the most updated information in any discipline is available within few seconds through internet. Social networking and various instant messaging services, at almost zero cost, has turned the entire education sector into a global village erasing the national boundaries in between the countries.

Apart from the easily accessible resource and information, the technology has brought a significant change in the learning process and the change is being introduced continuously. Before the development of state of the art information and communication technology, education was classroom based and was face to face interaction in between the teachers and the students. The online education system has brought about a revolutionary change in the way of imparting education. Lots of top notch educational institutions all over the world is now launching the online courses which could be accessed by the students of any country. The technology is continuously being improved to make the on line education system more interactive and student oriented so that anyone willing to join the courses can get the best possible education rather than only a handful of students in the class room.

In recent years it has been found that the applications for online MBA courses have been increased significantly. According to Simon Nelson, the level of interaction and collaborative engagement is bringing a revolution in education with the help of on line MBA courses which could not have been imagined even few years ago. Top ranking B-schools are trying to make the full use of the technology to modernise their education system and the business schools like Hult International Business School, INSEAD, IE Business School and Warwick Business School of Europe are already conducting their on line MBA programmes along with regular full time course with considerable success. Harvard Business schools and MIT are experimenting with the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) whereas the Wharton school has placed 10% of their MBA courses on online. The most important fact about incorporating technology in imparting MBA education by the top ranked B schools is that the schools could teach the MBA courses to a vast pool of students from different countries and different time zones which truly reflect the globalisation of education.

The distance in between the students and the courses being offered by various institutes all over the world has virtually been abolished because of the introduction of the online MBA and other professional courses which has significantly contributed to the development of the global Human resources. But online course is only one aspect of the use of technology to modernise the global education system. The other aspect is the use of technology in the betterment of course offerings. Almost all the top ranked B-schools are adopting the high definition audio visual system to impart education to their students. The course materials are being provided online and the students are being allowed to get continuous on line support from their professors as and when required. The effect is that the traditional fixed time class room teaching has virtually been transformed into a 24 X 7 hour teaching as per the requirement of the students.

The use of the state of the art communication and information technology is being made imperative in the B-schools, so as to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching as well as learning process and to make the students well aware of the use of modern technology to communicate, to research and to make their decisions when they are applying their theoretical knowledge in the practical field. In fact the technology has become a necessity in the today’s working life and the learning of how to use the modern technology in implementing their knowledge in practical field has become key to the professional success.

About the Author: Jacob Parackal is a 2011 alumnus of Hult International Business School. He has more than 4+ years in strategic consulting for top MNC companies. He is currently the co-founder of ‘Select My Tutor’ and is running its operations.

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