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International Experience through your Business degree

When you have finished your undergraduate courses, the time comes to decide about your professional courses. With the advent of information technology and communication facilities, as well as with the globalisation of world economy you can choose one, out of several national and international courses, which suits best to your career planning and objective. For the last one or two decades, the reputed MBA institutes are the hottest destination for the recruiting firms. But the time is gradually changing and MNCs are now shifting their choice to the Masters with some kind of specialisation in a particular area, field or discipline. Here one thing is becoming increasingly important and that is, after choosing the course, where to do this course, a national university or an international one? Before solving this dilemma, let us look at some important points which must be taken care of before deciding your university.

We took business degrees usually for getting an opportunity to start our career in a reputed business organisation and accordingly the nature of the organisations are significantly important in deciding the course to be opted for. With the globalisation of economy, the national boundaries have virtually been erased for the multinational companies. They have started to expand their business horizons not only to one or two foreign countries but to several countries. In fact some of the biggest transnational organisations have stepped into more than hundred countries all over the world. On the backdrop of this development, the MNCs are now looking for the candidates who are capable to adapt the vast cultural diversities, who are capable of understanding the socio economic conditions of different nations as well as of making decisions considering these diversifiable factors. Moreover, a candidate opting for the strategic position is shifted continuously from one part of the world to another part by his/her recruiting organisation. So it is of utmost importance for the candidate to feel the pulse of the people belonging to different cultures and society if he/she wants to move up the corporate ladder and trying to be a global leader.

International business degree becomes vitally important to develop these qualities within a student. Studying abroad is the first step to be a global citizen. It will help you to expand your view about various cultures and social ethics and beliefs. It will make you capable of taking decisions from global perspective and will eventually provide you a competitive edge for attaining your dream to be a global leader. The various languages spoken in the campus of the international university and gradually becoming accustomed to those languages is a significant advantage which you will miss while studying in the home country. The campus being representative of the entire world will help you to develop the qualities of tolerating differences and to appreciate and recognise the diversities. The personality development could be best in an international environment. You will meet the students from the most advanced countries as well as the countries which are still considered to be underdeveloped. The extent of such diversification will help you to develop the quality of making and taking decisions in extremely diversified socio economic conditions.

Apart from the development of these personal qualities the course conducted by the international universities also provides a significant competitive edge to its students. The course being meant for the students of different cultures belonging to different countries incorporates the international perspective rather than local perspective where the university is situated. The faculties that you will get over there are also from various countries with diversified experience. The course is oriented to make you a global employee rather than a local one. New thoughts and ideas from various nations gets naturally incorporated within your classroom teaching which will make you feel as a global citizen and will internationalise your CV.

As has already been discussed the MNCs are now looking for the candidates with international business degree as those students are easily adaptable to their transnational character and globalisation drive of their business. A candidate with an experience of international learning certainly help them to build a workforce which is capable of making the decisions within a diversified socio economic conditions and to keep the organisation in the right track to achieve its mission and vision.

To be of a greater value, to be a global citizen, look out for business degree from business schools that guarantees you international exposure. Imagine sitting in a class of 60 different nationalities, a real life case problem is the topic of discussion, you see a different perspective to the problem from different nationalities. It is an experience you can only get in such school. You really become a global citizen. Read Hult Reviews and take part in forums here.

About the author: Jacob Parackal is a 2011 alumnus of Hult International Business School, who has more than 4+ years in strategic consulting to top MNC companies. He is currently the co-founder of ‘Select My Tutor’ and is running its operations

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