If you decided to publish the book in you then this post is written just for you.

Step zero of publishing

As you well know getting published is not difficult nowadays. However, competition is manifold, and the real test comes after publishing. Whether your book does well or very well depends on what you do or perhaps don’t do before you start writing your book. As a first-time author, you should begin with step zero — research. You’ll be making decisions crucial to the success of your book based on this research before you even start writing it, so do it well.

Purpose of your book

1. If you have decided to write, you probably have a topic in your mind that you want to write about or at least you got a genre finalised. Find out how books on these topics are received and what is the reader profile of these. Join a related online community or a Facebook group to know what the readers want to read or do not want to read. …

On this Women’s day…

I want every woman to know that all women, homemakers and working women, can reach their lifestyle and money goals successfully. All they need is a little money talk.

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Women often become prisoners of stereotypes. They need to break these bars of perception. It is often thought that women are not capable of taking the right money investment decisions. …

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Early morning is an excellent time to add some positivity to our life. Having a well-structured morning routine not just ensures our wellness but also enhances our lifestyle.

Begin your day with positivity

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The first 30 minutes of your morning is the most important time of your day and can set the tone for the day ahead. …


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