B Corporations balance business with profit and have a legal obligation to consider how their practices affect those who work with them and the environment. But how do you become one?

This piece was originally published in Creative Review

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Human After All has spent the past seven years exploring complex questions around global capitalism and its impact on the environment, both with our clients and through our publication, Weapons of Reason. This work has directed us to the truths of the world in which we operate: the planet has finite resources, and bad business practices are putting it at risk.

As a business, we feel bound to change every aspect of our operations to address this information and acknowledge the current state of the world. …

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For six years we’ve explored the biggest global challenges. What did we learn, and what are we going to do next?

What next?

After six years of making Weapons of Reason, we’ve come to the conclusion that short-term thinking in global leadership is at the heart of the world’s most complex problems. So what are we going to do next?

Well, for starters, we’re Kickstarting a 260-page book on exactly that problem, bringing together 25 of the most relevant stories from our past 8 issues as well as new articles and essays that tackle short-term thinking head-on.

It features a foreword by Tim Brown, Executive Chair of IDEO, and activists, journalists and big thinkers like George Monbiot, Ann Pettifor, Maryn McKenna, Roman Krznaric, Rob Hopkins, Vicky Spratt, Johnny Drain and Frances Ryan. …

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Human After All has re-launched as a B Corp. Here’s why.

Today we’re proud to announce that Human After All has become a certified B Corp. Our design agency is now part of a growing group of companies who seek to reinvent business by pursuing purpose as well as profit.

We’ve always believed that business has the capacity to not only act responsibly, but to make positive contributions in society. But seven years ago, when we had just founded our agency, it wasn’t yet clear how we could do this ourselves.

The neatest solution would have been to say that we would only work with charities or nonprofits, but that felt like ignoring the main issue: we knew businesses were a part of the problem. …

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We’ve made an Instagram sticker pack to promote global solidarity and help build a kindness contagion.

The UN recently issued a global call to creatives to help communicate essential messaging around Covid-19. We chose to respond to their kindness brief, because kindness is a human trait that’s easy to forget when a sense of anxiety hangs over society.

Our team of compassionate communicators responded with a kindness-infused Instagram sticker pack. We’ve made twenty-six animated gifs for you to add to your Instagram Stories, each containing a message of kindness or an illustration to inspire positivity. …

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How we’re using the power of design to inspire change.

Dramatic changes in the global landscape have led us to reflect upon our approach to human-centred storytelling — the common thread that binds together Human After All’s multidisciplinary output. Over 12 years of working as a team, we’ve progressed from designing for ourselves to considering how design — as part of a confluence of disciplines — can help improve the state of the world.

From the moment we knew what graphic design was, there were agencies that captured our imagination with iconic, zeitgeist-defining visuals. These were the inspirations that drove our first great ambition: to help define an iconic moment in graphic design. And in the end, things did kind of start out that way. In 2005 we launched a movie magazine called Little White Lies, filling its pages with bold illustration, photography and typography. …


Human After All

London-based design agency (and certified B Corp) specialising in brand and communications.

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