5 Things to do before you Graduate

Backpack to a place where you don’t know anyone 
Pack your bags, pick a place and go. The backpacking culture is yet to hit India, but I recommend that you definitely try it once before you finish college. Travelling in a group is always a party but its only when you explore a place alone, you start discovering your real interests and it pushes you to meet new people and embrace different cultures.

Do something that takes you out of your comfort zone
 As clichéd as it sounds, it works like a charm. You learn much about your ability and strength when you are pushed to the edge. Try your hand at something totally out of your league. It could be your college drama society, organizing your college festival, volunteering for a fundraiser or shadowing a start-up.

Join a movement or a non-for profit initiative
 This will be one the most important aspects of your learning curve during your college years. Being part of something that is not for profit builds in you a strong sense of purpose. When you are a part of organizations driven by cause rather than profit, the relationship you build with your colleagues stays for a lifetime. Do this, for sure, to have one of the strongest and purest team experiences.

Do an internship in the area of your interest and not your expertise
 To start with, do not confuse this with the earlier point about being part of a movement. Very often, we fall in the trap of doing internships that go well with the course of our study. It’s always good to explore internships that really fuel your passion and explore if you can make your interest a viable career option. If it does not work, then you have the option to go back to the boring tried and tested route.
 Have genuine friends in at least five different countries

 As you might see I added the word “genuine” before friends to emphasize on the fact of having real friends and not just the ones who show up on your Facebook profiles. We live in a global playing field and thus it is of paramount importance to have connections outside your motherland. It keeps you abreast of opportunities around the world, as well as, broadens your way of thinking. You could acquire this experience by being part of exchange programs, joining international student organizations or simply by travelling.

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Apoorv is an avid traveller and loves exploring education designs beyond the classroom. He has extensively worked in the field of Youth leadership and Entrepreneurship in South Africa, Bhutan and India.

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