To some Young India Challenge was just another conference but to many it was a life changing experience. Srishti Bhatia was one such delegate who took a daring decision with her career. She listened to nothing but her heart and that kept her going.

“I enrolled for YIC just for fun, I had no clue what it is about or what are we going to do there. All I wanted was to connect with new people but I got a lot more than that from it. The three days journey was exhilarating with all the amazing speakers coming in and talking about how they got to where they are and doing what they love. It is indeed an inspiration and the aura of YIC with the pepped up Happiness Team just adds to the good parts.

What I didn’t know was that how clearly I would be able to picture myself and my direction after attending these sessions. I was in my third year of graduation and like most people wanted to clear my MBA entrances with flying colors and get through the best institutes, unfortunately I didn’t make it. So instead I chose to pursue a market research course for the upcoming year (2015–16) and gain some experience later. I was so unsure of what I was about to do because I couldn’t look beyond the mundane, the only reason I enrolled into this course was because somewhere I could really relate myself to the field but my brain was still not in sync with my heart’s calling.

Obviously, YIC made me a 100 percent sure of what I am doing is right and I became a lot more confident about my decision then. The best part about this was that I never knew that this would be my take away from YIC and it made me happy to no limits. We often don’t realize but if we actually listen to that voice inside of us, everything starts falling in place automatically, it could take a while but eventually it does.

Keep faith and Do What You Love.

Thanks YIC!”

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