People always say that passion is all about inborn talent, but is it not possible to learn and grow? It is. This is how Ashmika’s story goes.

“As a kid I knew I wanted to get into the fashion industry. They thought I was fascinated with the glamour aspect of it, but well that wasn’t the case. I was fully aware of the hardships that go into being a part of that world of glamour.
 I was never insanely great at art work but had the desire to learn and grow, even if that called for not being able to get into the college of my dreams and not being able to live up to the expectations of the world. That was a big set back. But I didn’t let that stop me from chasing my dreams.
 Today as a student of pearl academy of fashion, I stand tall as I do well on the course in the first year with a huge scholarship.

I like to believe that this world is cast by a magical spell, and we just need to believe in it. Nothing in this whole wide world can stop you from doing what you love coz that’s what you do the best. It can get a little difficult initially, “what if I fall?”
 “oh but my darling what if you fly!?”


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