While the first day of Young India Challenge was more about knowing the movement; the second was surprising. The young delegates have started realising the difference already. They are acknowledging facts about their passion and are now courageous enough to make a difference. Telling your parents about what you actually love and scrapping off what you have been doing in the first place is not easy. Starting all over again is not easy. Doing what you love is not easy. Had it been, people would have been never upset, frustrated and exhausted.

It is great to see that #DoWhatYouLove movement affecting the young India so efficiently. While The Challenge awaits, delegates need to realise that Human Circle or Young India is not any conventional program. It is a movement, a revolution.

Second day brings a lot of adventure. Most difficult part being, listening to the inner voice and holding on to it even after Young India Challenge. The world outside has always pushed every one of us to leave the rope and drown in the flow. Human Circle inspires you to hold the rope again. It makes you believe that the grip of hands and mind are stronger than that flow. Keep holding it, take the course you love. You’ll slip, get hurt but the feeling of accomplishment you will have after walking against the current, it can not be expressed in words.

And while I write this article letting the world know what it feels to be a part of Young India Challenge, I have tears already. You know why? Because it already made a difference to me.

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