There is no age for you to realise your passion and once you do, there is certainly nothing that can stop you from achieving success. Kanupriya Awasthi is a national champion in skating. She is the first girl from Madhya Pradesh to win Gold Medal at National Level, also the first sportsperson from Skating to win Eklavya Award. The journey had never been easy for her; nevertheless, she made a difference.

“I was in 3rd standrd when I started skating, soon it became my passion and I worked harder for it. Obviously, with school it was difficult for me. I used to wake up at 4:30 in the morning and come from practice at 11:30 in night; this was my daily schedule for years. Moreover, the sports complex was very far from my place and my hometown never had Skating Rink. Even players didn’t get support from the government. I used to practice on Basket Ball court which was not smooth still I managed to clinch medals.

I hardly had any amenities for pursuing this sport yet I followed it and succeeded. All this couldn’t have been possible had my family not supported me the way it did.”

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