Introducing Our Advisor — Alexander Krasheninnikov

Alexander is Head of Data Team at Badoo, the dating app which is up to 400 mln users worldwide.
The HD platform project has interesting ambitions, and that are understandable for me, because we are speaking of the large amounts of data processing. It is very similar to the problem of machine learning: you have some set of traits, you need to make some decisions, build some recommendation systems, and so on. But what is most expressive and captivating — these data are not hidden behind 7 locks or API, or subscription you pay money for. All of this is available for use, all the participants can construct their own experiments on basis of this data set.
I personally believe in the technological background of the guys, as they are experienced in distributed systems in particular. So I wonder what would happen, it’s interesting to participate, to be project’s technical supervisor.

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