A Partnership for Better Health

Humana is constantly working to help our members stay healthy. We want them to spend less time focusing on their medical care, so that they can spend more time focused on living a happy, healthy life.

Sharon’s story is a great example of what that means.

Sharon says, “I was always sick. I was always told by doctors that I was going to die.”

Ruth, a nurse practitioner who works with Sharon, explains that Sharon has several serious conditions, including Type 2 diabetes and congestive heart failure, and needed some extra help managing her conditions and her regimen effectively. “We had a lot of teaching not only with the patient but with her family as well.”

Sharon, like many Humana members and older people across the country, takes multiple medications. Sharon says that because of the added attention and care provided by Ruth and others at Humana, she has been able to cut back on the dosage of some of these medications safely and with positive results.

By ensuring our members get the care they need at home, Humana helps members stay out of the hospital, save on costs, and continue living their healthiest lives. Humana Medicare Advantage members in value-based care settings had 7 percent fewer hospital admissions and 6 percent fewer emergency room visits in 2014, compared with members treated in traditional fee-for-service settings.

We estimate that Humana Medicare Advantage members saved on average $800 per person in out-of-pocket costs in 2014 compared to Original Medicare plus a standalone prescription-drug plan.*

For Sharon, staying healthy also requires open lines of communication. Ruth says, “We have the telephone line 24/7 so she can call in if she has any problems whatsoever and we can address them immediately.”

Ruth says her relationship with Sharon is a partnership, and that in general, “We look at what their goal is and try to help them achieve whatever goal it is.”

Sharon and Ruth’s partnership is just one example of how Humana is supporting members and providers across the country.

At Humana, we believe that the best health results are achieved for a patient when everyone works together to align outcomes and objectives, which is exactly how our integrated care model works. In this model, doctors combine efforts to keep a comprehensive medical record for each patient, and talk regularly to coordinate their patient’s treatment, making sure the care they provide is both personalized and connected — as it is for Sharon.

Sharon says, “It feels good to know that there is a team of people who cares about me and handles my situation.”

Sharon feels that she is in good hands and that her caregivers care about her health, wellbeing, and happy life. “All the components that come together, that spells ‘love’ to me.”

*June 2016 Humana report calculated medical savings by comparing 2014 out-of-pocket costs for approximately 68 percent of Humana Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plan members to CMS Original Medicare Limited Data Set Files. Prescription drug savings were calculated by comparing the “Estimated Annual Costs” from Medicare Plan Finder on Medicare.gov for Humana MAPD plans to standalone Prescription Drug Plans in the same service area.

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