Bringing National Parks to You

“We’re a health and wellness company, not just a processor of medical claims,” says Humana’s Michael Miller. “That’s why we were excited to partner with the National Park Foundation to share the joy of getting outside, getting active, and getting healthy.”

“We feel this partnership is a natural extension of Humana’s work. Park activities help you become a healthier person, and Humana is focused on helping people achieve their best health,” Michael says.

Research proves that getting active, like being outdoors at a national park, has significant health benefits, while data from the Environmental Protection Agency shows that the average American will spend nearly 93 percent of his or her life indoors.

The idea for this partnership began because the National Park Service saw that Humana is committed to helping people stay healthy, not just treating them when they get sick. For example, our HumanaVitality program gives members rewards for making healthier, more active choices. In addition to earning points for items such as pedometers, movie tickets and store gift cards, members also benefit from reduced healthcare costs. For example, over three years, costs for HumanaVitality members who engaged with the program were, on average, 27 percent less than those who didn’t engage with the program.

The National Park Service reached out to Humana to expand HumanaVitality to its own employees as a way to encourage them to live healthier lives. Though the most visible jobs at the National Park Service are those of the Park Rangers, the agency recognized that, like many people, a great deal of their employees primarily work indoors.

Together, we decided to bring inspiration for a healthy lifestyle to everyone — as we do across all our programs, for all our members. In the first year of our partnership with the National Park Service, we encouraged senior citizens to get out and enjoy the national parks.

But, as Michael points out, “though the national parks are iconic and aspirational, it’s not easy for everyone to get to them.” So this year, we’re working to get as many people as possible involved in a movement to get healthy by getting outside — whether that’s at a national park or at a local park down the street.

“The goal is to bring the parks to you,” Michael says. “This sponsorship doesn’t just build awareness. On a literal level, it helps people be healthier.”

Go behind the scenes with our team as we build this unique sponsorship:

“It’s all about making a decision to do something different to improve your health,” says Humana’s Marvin Hill. “National parks aren’t available to everyone, so Humana is building and creating a fun, 360 virtual reality experience to bring the parks to you.”

With this sponsorship and with every aspect of Humana care, our hope is to inspire you to take steps — both literal and figurative — toward living your healthiest life.

“We want to make healthy things fun and fun things healthy,” says Humana sponsorship manager Tres Waterfield. He and all of us at Humana hope to encourage everyone to “find their own park,” wherever they love to be.

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